From the perspective of natural aesthetics, the inspiration comes from the legend of Daphne, combined with the love story of the East and the West, and the ending of both love story is related to the butterfly. Therefore, the aesthetic design of the human body which transform a butterfly, pursuit of the unity of human and jewelry.

Life and death, beginning and ending, youth and oldness, are all the cycles of life. Everything in the world is born in this opposite cycle.The loss of the skin transform into another subject, the change from human to an object seem to be a new and further level of spiritual evolution.

This project was a whole process of Design and Crafting a Jewelry with the concept of “Made by Hand, Made by Machine”. I chose to create a product with a machine-made material and craft it with hand to show the value of Handmade Jewelry.

I used recycled plastic bottle as main materials.

The plastic bottle with heat deformation is used to express the state of the skin falling. This is made by hand. The fabric butterflies that express transformed into butterflies is laser-cut and ink-printed. This is made by machine.