People desire different happiness at different stages of life. This collection is inspired by the people’s desire in different life phases. The concept is separated into three parts, they are child, adult and mature world. When I was a child, fun is the most important thing for me. As I grow up, home becomes my most sweet and powerful back for me. When my mind becomes more and more mature, or when I have my belief. I pursue something which is invisible but spiritually inspired all aspects of myself.

I design three combinations which represent different stages of life. The first combination is inspired by the most symbolic figure of childhood -Pokemon. The second combination is inspired by the house, and the last one is inspired by the Chinese Taoism.

All the combinations keep simply and geometry concepts. And they can be detached and assembled into one unit. User will have fun and have more options to interact with the accessories.

Combination OneChild

This combination is inpired by Pokemon Pikachu, which is the popular cartoon character in most people’s childhood. When it is detached, they are one ring and two earrings. The geometrical outline meets the contemporary deisgn needs. 

Combination TwoAdult 

This combination is inpired by family, it is combined by a key and a house. The necklace represents love which can open the door of heart. And the ring is a house’s shape, the key is inside of the house, it represents love in the family.

Combination ThreeMaturer

This combination is inpired by the spiritual world, Chinese Taoism. When it is disassembled, there are a ring and a pair of earrings. When it is assembled, it comes to a diamond ring with Chinese eight diagrams motif.