From the perspective of contemporary political issue – new right-wing to explore contemporary jewelry in a new way. Add humanistic spirit, and break traditional jewelry design concept. Combine contemporary jewelry with political culture, re-understand contemporary jewelry, and strive to raise contemporary jewelry to a higher level.

In this collection, I design a set of men’s accessories which using magnetites and iron flakes as design materials. This collection includes protective and offensive accessories on head, body and hands, they represent protectionism and external exclusion of the new right-wing. 

Utilizing the inherent attributes of iron attraction  to represent the compulsory and exclusive characteristics of the new right-wing forces, and the cold iron pieces represent political characteristics. This collection also can be assembled and detached, which symbolizes the new right-wing control and adjust of social order. Iron flakes are combined together but controlled by iron flakes, just like the masses are controlled under the new right-wing. Each small magnet is densely arranged in the gap between the iron pieces, it represents people who under the control of  conservative new right-wing. It has both exclusivity and strong protectionism. The small red magnet stones symbolize some bloodstream conflicts in this politics.

This collection is worn by the black people, because black people have always been a topic in the political movements of the world. There is a strong and long history racial issue in black people world. They are excluded, oppressed, and slaved in the political movement, which exactly matches the connotation expressed by this set of accessories. Naked body can be more clearly to show the strong social problems which reflected in the background of the new right-wing ideological trend.